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Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

Data Collection
Record Information Services, Inc., is a for-profit company and not a government agency or consumer reporting agency. The Public Records that we provide are gathered from Illinois Counties, State of Illinois, and Federal Government public record sources.  This information is considered reliable, but is only as good as the public record. The accuracy and completeness of the information contained in our Databases or reports will not be guaranteed by Record Information Services, Inc. Data provided on our site in no way constitutes the complete public records files of any and all individuals.

Accuracy of Information
This information is considered reliable, but is only as good as the public record. The accuracy and completeness of the information contained in our data bases or reports will not be guaranteed by Record Information Services, Inc.

Sharing of Data
No part of this online service or any other reports produced by Record Information Services, Inc., may be reproduced, re-sold, transmitted in any form without the express written consent of Record Information Services, Inc., and violators will be aggressively prosecuted in a court of law. Record Information Services, Inc., allows only paid subscribers access to its website.

The Public Record History of Individuals listed on our websites
Data provided on our site in no way constitutes the complete public records files of any and all individuals. By using our data, you agree that you understand that more records may and probably are available for the searched individual than what Record Information Services, Inc., can offer.

If you have a compelling privacy issue, security issue, expunged record, pardoned record, or other situation, you may wish to contact the government offices which house your particular type of public record, so you may determine how to remove your information from the public records. This will ensure that your public records are not available to the public, or to public records companies such as Record Information Services. The public records that Record Information Services collects represent the public record only, and DO NOT constitute a conviction, admission of guilt, or final outcome regarding a court trial.

Restrictions of Use
Record Information Services, Inc., does not offer any legal counseling or advice. You agree to use Record Information Services data for legitimate, legal purposes only. You are advised to be very cautious with the way you use our data and you are solely responsible for any and all ways you use our data for personal or business matters. The data provided on our site shall not be used for consideration of establishing credit, consideration for hiring or firing employees, harassing or stalking individuals, or any other evaluation of risk or character for personal or business transactions. The data we provide about individuals is their public record only, and does not necessarily constitute a conviction. You must refer to your company’s policies and/or state and federal laws regarding recruiting when considering using public record information as a tool in judging character for employment or other business related purposes. Under no circumstances will Record Information Services be held legally liable to you, or any third parties, for any monetary or any other damages imposed through the legal or illegal use of any public data obtained from any of our websites.

You agree to indemnify Record Information Services, of any and all legal fees, claims, lawsuits, or other implications that may arise from your use of our data, or anyone you allow to access our data through your account. This extends to all employees, independent contractors, vendors, customers, suppliers, directors, owners, and the company itself.

Purchases and Refunds
Record Information Services, Inc., allows only paid subscribers access to its website. Record Information Services, Inc., does not offer refunds or exchanges after purchases or subscriptions are processed. Record Information Services, Inc. reserves the right to deny purchases to anyone under any circumstances at any time. You agree to be the authorized user of any credit/debit cards used for purchasing our products. Record Information Services, Inc. will bill you for any and all legal or other fees associated with investigating your use of any fraudulent credit cards.

Actions of Advertisers
You agree that Record Information Services is not and will not be not be responsible for any transactions exchanged between you and any of our third-party advertisers which may be on consumer.public-record.com. You understand that third-party advertisers may collect cookies from you, in order to measure the results of their advertising.

Do-Not Call Registry
Record Information Services, Inc. has taken the lead in the data industry in the metro Chicago area to insure that it is compliant with the new “Do Not Call Registry”. Record Information Services updated its records to meet the October 1, 2003 deadline and in compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, Record Information Services completes updates twice per month. We strongly recommend that people visit the web site at http://www.donotcall.gov  to get all the facts about these regulations. While Record Information Services is compliant based on the Federal Trade Commission rules, we cannot guarantee anyone that their process is 100% fool proof. If a complaint is ever issued to us, we will investigate to the best of our ability.

Merger or Acquisition
In order to ensure a smooth transition of services, in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of all or substantially all of its assets, or the sale of an individual website owned by Record Information Services, Inc., Record Information Services Inc., may transfer your personal information to a third party as a part of such merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
Record Information Services and its subsidiaries are NOT a Credit Reporting Agency.


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  • Working with Record Information Services, Inc., has always been a pleasure. Their professionalism, integrity, and work ethic, is unmatched in the marketplace. Data is always delivered on time and, accurate. Calls are returned promptly. Their customer service is first-rate. I have worked with many data companies over the years, and I highly recommend Record Information Services, Inc. to anyone contemplating data purchases.

    Bob Zunker, Partner of Direct Mail Solutions, LLC., Carol Steam, IL

  • Record Information Services' customer service and data quality are excellent!

    Jeffrey M. Leving, Attorney At Law, Chicago, Illinois.

  • Record Information Services is a great source for research and for identifying potential new customers in our market area. The website is easy to use, and Jeff Metcalf and his staff provide excellent customer service and support.

    Karen Everhart, Marketing, Old Second Bancorp, Aurora, IL

  • I've been using Bankruptcy Public Records online at www.public-record.com for well over 10 years. Record Information Services provides marketing data at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them.

    Gary Hall, Auto Finance, Naperville, IL.

  • Record Information Services has provided a thorough source for us to do our analytics. They have great categorical breakdowns! Their customer service is second-to-none!

    S.G., Illinois Association of Realtors

  • In our group of title company offices I have heard nothing but praise for Record Information Services, Inc. and their service

    Stacy Teegardin, CSI/HE Supervisor, Chicago Title Company.

  • Our organization has been working with Record Information Services for over 20 years. They provide us with a number of court data related services that are vital to our business needs. We know we can always count on RIS for consistent, timely service of the highest quality. Due to changing market conditions we have had to ask RIS to make many changes to the data that we request and RIS has always come through for us and provided us exactly what we need. Jeff Metcalf and his team provide our staff with an excellent level of customer service and they always have time for us. We do not look at RIS as a vendor but rather as a valued business partner.

    Michael F. Carsella, Senior Operations Manager, Property Insight-Midwest Operations.